Atlas secures Seismic projects with FairfieldNodal

Atlas’ Seismic office based in Vic, Spain has been working hard to ensure new opportunities are found for their geophysical personnel. As a leader for the provision of Geophysical personnel, the team have recently secured a preferred supplier status with FairfieldNodal.

An innovator in the Seismic industry

FairfieldNodal is a full-service geophysical company operating worldwide. As an innovator in the use of nodal technology for Seismic data acquisition and data processing, FairfieldNodal are leaders in solving challenging exploration problems.

Atlas’ Business Manager for Seismic J.P. de Jong has visited Fairfield’s office in Houston numerous times over the course of this year and met with Field Crew Manager Todd Comb who is also JP´s primary point of contact within FairfieldNodal.

A new opportunity for Seismic personnel

‘’We have been fortunate that even during these difficult times we have managed to win some prominent projects and new clients in 2016! FairfieldNodal is a great example of this. We are very happy with the opportunity presented to Atlas Professionals by FairfieldNodal and the close collaboration we’ve enjoyed with Todd Comb (Field Crew Manager), Brad Baudoin (Project Manager), BJ Thompson (Project Manager) and Janie Garcia (Senior Processing Geophysicist) to date. We are certain of a long-lasting and strong partnership today and in the future!’’ – J.P de Jong (Business Manager – Seismic)

Atlas’ seismic team are currently supplying a variety of roles to their offshore projects such as Seismic Navigators, Processors, Linesmen and OBC/OBN Observers and a full range of administrative and logistic services throughout the entire operation. Atlas are proud to be given this opportunity to secure new projects for their seismic personnel and begin a new client relationship with a leader in the Seismic industry.