Working in the Offshore Industry


We are continually searching for qualified professionals with extensive experience in offshore geophysical survey operations, such as:

  • Towed streamer seismic (2D, 3D, WAZ)
  • OBC and OBN seabed operations
  • 4D LoFS & PRM
  • Transition Zone TZ & shallow water operations
  • Electromagnetic surveys (CSEM & MT)
  • Hi-res site surveys
Atlas Professionals specialises in providing qualified and experienced personnel to work offshore in seismic and EM surveys worldwide. We search for professionals with proven experience in a range of roles including navigators, observers / instrument technicians, mechanics, geophysicists and workboat coxswains. We also provide environmental specialists - Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators and equipment. Our MMOs can ensure correct implementation of mitigation measures for acoustic disturbance to marine mammals to ensure survey compliance within regulatory frameworks.